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Online gaming: A person who sets up a secondary account which they use playing with a rival team. They help the rival team to lose, thus contributing to the progress of their primary team.
Blaze: WTF!? I just got killed by a guy on our side!

Silentsword: Kick him from the game! Get a life you fucking booster!

Booster: haha! You got owned! Your side sucks ass! You should join us!
by Broadsword April 23, 2009
waking up and doing a line of cocaine to get your day off to the best possible start
Jack: "Wow Luke you seem very energetic and focused this morning!"
Luke: "Yeah I had a Colombian Breakfast, I'm feeling fucking fantastic! FUCK FRUIT AND FIBRE."
by broadsword March 06, 2014
Hairy Pussy
Jamie: Your bitch is sexy fam! Did you hit that yet?

Rick: Yeah man.

Jamie: I bet you bowcat her.

Rick: Nah, thats you! I don't munch on the fur burger!
by Broadsword April 23, 2009
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