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5 definitions by BrizzleT420

n. The state of being infatuated with Tim Tebow, which causes people to compare him favorably to deities and other religious icons; the erection Thom Brennaman had during the BCS Championship game when he verbally fellated Tim Tebow
Guy 1: Man that was a good game last night, except for Brennaman's Tebowner!!
Guy 2: Yeah, I mean the motherfucker cut off foreskins in the third world, he didn't cure cancer...did he?
Guy 1: Oh no...you're gettin one too!!
by BrizzleT420 July 24, 2009
n. a very hot day in which your nutsack sticks to your leg.
Man it's a hundred degrees out there, it's a real sacksticker!!!
by BrizzleT420 March 03, 2006
v. inverse of takin a shit
I woulda been here earlier, dude, but I was shakin a tit.
by BrizzleT420 April 03, 2006
n. A person famous for being funny on VH-1 shows while failing miserably at all other attempts at humor. He is often teamed up with other non-funny comedians in shows that suck, but for some reason Comedy Central keeps giving these douche nozzles new shows for people to ignore.
Douche Bag: Michael Ian Black is so funny! I love that show Michael and Michael Have Issues on Comedy Central!

Normal Guy: Is that that show with those fags from The State and Stella?
Douche Bag: Hey they're funny!
Normal Guy: Yeah they're so funny they've had like 12 shows cancelled.
by BrizzleT420 July 24, 2009
n.-how retards think "dominant" is spelled.
Some guy in some thread: The Patriots have been the most dominate team in the last decade.
Me: It's spelled dominant, retard.
by BrizzleT420 February 14, 2011