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When you obsessively lust after a best friend's girl or guy, mother, or sister, brother or father. Or a girlfriend or boyfriend's best friend, mother, father, sister or brother. any situation that could cause a scandal if uncovered.
1. Man, I cant stop pictureing my bro's girl naked. I want her sooooo bad, and I wanna take her from him. I know, I know, it's scandalust... but I cant help it. She makes me CRAZY! 2. I Cant believe you are with the hottest guy in school, but all you do is sit around and have erotic day dreams about his 50 year old dad! Girl you gotta bad case of scandalust.
by Brittany T April 15, 2008
A term to desbribe the act of sipping a frozen beverage such as a milkshake and keeping it in your mouth while going down on a guy.
My boyfriend andrew is so satisfied with me. Lastnight we went to jack in the box, and I got a vanilla shake. When we got home, I gave him a frozen banana. It drove him crazy!
by Brittany T April 22, 2008
1.The state of being able to party 2. A description for Something, Or someone that is party worthy
1. These drugs will have you partyable in no time! 2.These drugs are the best! Way, partyable! (or,) That chick Amanda is really cool! Oh, and soo partyable!
by Brittany T April 16, 2008
To put a slutty girl in her place. To put the smack down on a man stealer.
That tramp is trying to steal my man. i'm gonna go over there and Slut Bust that bitch!
by Brittany T April 15, 2008
A term for a guy who is a selfish partner during sex, and who does not or will not listen to his partner when they tell him their needs, wants or desires in the bedroom. The word bone refers to the slang word for sex.
Dominick is really pissing me off! He always gets what he wants from me during sex, but when I ask him to do some thing, he does not listen! It's like, he's bone deaf or something!
by Brittany T April 22, 2008
Pronounced lay-tro A word that means goodbye. Used to announce ones departure.
Hey it has been fun and all, but I am outta here. Latetro...!
by Brittany T April 19, 2008
Pronounced: In-quiz-eater 1. The person at the table who constanly asks,"Are you gonna eat that?" 2. A person that asks too many questions about the meal they have ordered before it is even prepared.
1. I hate having lunch meetings with bob. He is such an inquiseater. I can't even take my fork away from the food for five seconds, before he starts asking, " Are you gonna finish that?" I hate it! 2. Oh, my god! I had dinner with jenny, and it was a nightmare! She is a raging inquiseater. It took us twenty minutes just to order our food, with her questions about the calorie content, trans fat content, where the veggies were grown, were they organic, blah, blah, blah. I wanted to rip my hair out!
by Brittany T April 22, 2008

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