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Extacy a drug wich can cause many many problems.. Those problems soon disapear once you have reached your peak though.. Chances of people dying are not that high. People make them seem that way though.... Yes. you could die from dropping e.. but you could also die from Drinking too much booze smoking too much pot or smoking ciggarrettes everything has reprocussions.. Extacy espesically it is known to many people as.. "The Drug From Hell.." not me thought not any of my friends.. I think.. that it was sent from heaven.. E takes away your problems for a good five to eight hours and allows you to do something alot of people dont usually do.. it allows you to be yourself.. I am not telling you go do extacy I am just saying if you are thinkjing about it and you think that you might die.. well im not going to lie theres a good chance but there is also a good chance that you can walk to school and get hit by a bus.. so all im saying is you only life once soo GO HARD!!!!!!!!!...
Timmy.. "I did e last night.. it was the best night of my life.."

Jimmy.. "I also did e last night Timmy and I agree.. It was the best night of my life.. I got laid and my pupils got really big!.. my penis shrunk but it was worth it!"
by Brittaknee December 13, 2004

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