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Emo. "Emotional" "Emotive" Or whatever you want to call it, is a genre of music which started in the early 80's (Yes 80's) with first wave and new wave.

Now it is a genre of music which incorporates sounds from punk, goth rock, pop rock, first wave, new wave, and even grunge rock. All music is emotional but this is the only type of music with its own genre called "emo" And like in most music genres a cult following backs it, creating a "scene" of people. The "Emo Scene" incorporates the dark clothes of goth with a new wave hairstyle with punk accessories.
The "Emokids" all don't act the same, they don't all dress the same, they don't all mope and cry about their lives. Only the posers do that. Same with the whole cutting part, its not cool. Razor blades may be a fun thing to cut.. Like.. Paper and stuff with, but not yourself. So, please, don't cut yourself.
"OH! Life is so hard!" -Cuts- "I'm so emo and sensitive"
-Some dude walks by.-
"You have issues." -Kicks-
"I know, black is my heart, AH! FUCK THIS LIFE."
"You wouldn't kill yourself, even if your whole family died, stop being an attention whore."
by Britt0n May 15, 2008

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