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Lauren is an amazing person who can change peoples lives, for the better and for the worst, but mostly for the better. a Lauren has a tough life, and has seen some bad times, but she is strong and battles to stay upright. she will keep her thoughts to herself and open up to few people. She's dark, and deep on the inside, but spazzy and crazy on the outside. she loves to cause chaos in the mall. Lauren has the most beautiful, amazing, lively best friend ever, who she has changed from the nerdy little goody goody, to someone actually having a life, but still refrains for making stupid decisions. she is all in all the total package for an awesome friend.
Me: Hey Lauren, want to ride the little baby merry go round in the mall?
Lauren:yeah! lets do it. Then let's go kick the photo booth machine!
*hops on merry go round with two other teenage guys*
Lauren: Mall cop! get off!
by BritMCR May 15, 2011

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