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An abnormally tall girl who has more than one screw loose in the inner workings of her brain. Quincy could be walking next to you one second and bust into a full out awkward "clackety run", which, I assure you, is terrifying. Quincy would sit next to you in English class and draw the next Mona Lisa on your arm with her pen. Do not piss Quincy off for her rage is stuff of legend (and you will probably end up with a busted lip). Quincy thinks she is a vampire and watches far too many True Blood re-runs. Through all the craziness and terrifically horrible outburst of rage, the most dedicated friends will find a sweet, good-humored girl who is a ball of fun and great to be around.
Oh my god! I told her she looked fatter than usual in her outfit and she pulled a Quincy... I needed stitches in my mouth!
by Bripam October 29, 2010

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