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2 definitions by BrianS&JarodM

This is a word used by males and females to define nothing. This word is used by many different people. Celebrities too. Could also mean same or me too. But it usually means that they are doing nothing.
Brian: "Hey, What are you doing tonight?"
Julie: "Northing really. What about you Jarod?
Jarod: "Eecafabica!"
by BrianS&JarodM May 31, 2009
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This is a synonym to the word nothing. It is used to explain what people are doing when asked "Whats up?". This is easier to say than nothing at all. It is also a fun word.
Guy: "What are you doing tonight?"
Girl: "Ecafabica!"
by BrianS&JarodM May 31, 2009
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