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verb: intense loathing or hating of someone or something to the point laser beams shoot out one's eyes like a comic book or movie superhero or supervillain.

noun: loathing or hatred so intense that laserbeams to shoot from one's eyes.
Jill stole Debbie's boyfriend and now Debbie superhates her... Jill went missing and her pumps were later found singed under a pile of ashes.
by BrianMonster March 18, 2010
1. n. A breath freshener for less-than-fresh vaginas.

2. adj. A person who is like a cunt mint. (See also: douche, loser, fake bitch.)
Becky pretends to be nice, but she's a needy bitch. It's all an act. She's like a cunt mint!
by BrianMonster February 01, 2014

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