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( in person or on the phone) say what you have to say in 140 Characters..or less...preferably less
( don't have time... but care )
Bobbi: did you hear what happen to me?
Brian: no but Tweetlive because I am late for work.

( dont give a shit... but will listen )
Bret: dude did you hear what happen to me?
Brian: no... but tweetlive will ya...

( I will listen but I don't want to get into it with you )
Ex: I can't believe what you said to Bobbi
Brian: Whatever... tweetlive... Trick

Brian: tweetlive
Whoever: ok so is this "I dont have time", " you don't give a shit" or you don't want to get into it?
Brian: : )

tweet tweeter tweets
by BrianBuccheri June 27, 2011

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