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Taken from Stupid. a complete idiot. Written and said twice to emphasize what a complete moron someone is!
Hey stoop stoop, 2 plus 2 does not equal 7! My friend Erick is a total stoop stoop!
#stoop stoop #stoop #stupid #moron #dip shit #num skull
by Brian Wick March 08, 2006
Or "You just got a bowl", basically I learned this term selling speakers with a sales company back the the late 90's. This means you sold nothing or tried to do something and you got nothing! Just like an empty bowl! You ask someone "What's in an empty bowl?" and they say "nothing" and you say "Exacty, that's what you just got!". A great time to say this term is when you just spanked somone in a video game, or kicked someones ass in a sport or sales job!!!
"I played my friend in Madden 2007, and gave him a bowl!"
"Yeah my dumb ass buddy, tried to asked this girl for her phone number and she gave him a bowl!
#nothing #lost #lose #walk away with nothing #empty #nada
by Brian Wick May 17, 2007
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