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Playing tug of war with a dog while taking a dump
Ben: "Yo, it's time for another round of tug o'dump with Lexie!"
by Brian Salamone December 19, 2006
masturbation, particularly in a situation in which one is pressed for time; excellent for clearing your head (no pun intended)
Runa is coming over shortly; I'd better get rid of it so I'm relaxed when she gets here.
by Brian Salamone August 25, 2006
a person in the workplace who refuses to leave his/her computer screen for lunch or any other break
Joe is such a screen slaver; he eats at his desk every day.
by Brian Salamone February 27, 2007
Yet another name for a mullet.
"I went to the Punkin Chunkin festival and saw a sweet Delaware derby!"
by Brian Salamone October 24, 2006

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