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Nickname for Sting, lead singer in the group 'The Police'. Why it's his nickname when it's longer than his normal stagename is a mystery, a mystery that is said to have been solved by an Ape that goes by the name of Rip. This Ape is said to be found in various KFC outlets throughout South-Eastern England. But approach with care as he uses hax.
"Yo Satch^, hit me with another song my Hombre!" *Satch^ proceeds to beat the Sting admirers*
by Brian Partyh June 30, 2004
Asshole IRC user. Also found in various Online games which he sucks at. Occasionally found in the local Tescos buying Cigarettes too. <:D-~
"I used a Super, Uncool MrPartyHat at a party recently. He stole my Wizard Staff!" :D//
by Brian Partyh June 30, 2004
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