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1 definition by Brian Neil Fraser

Pagan god in the shady country of Argentina. Most easily recognizable by it's huge (read: hypnotic) smile, and his devilish hugs which can convert even the most dedicated catholic into a pagan.
Edgar's known powers are to bake pie, and crush bananas with the power of a fork at minus 8 forkings per hour. His avatar is only known as 'Edgar de Chanes' (Literally: Edgar of Chans)

His number one enemy is sleep. Due to future-vision gained after watching every Cable channel on the Argentinean TV for 5 months, he has been, so far, able to avoid sleep in the last half year.
Edgar: "Hmmhhuu"
Petinato: "NOOO..!"
Then Edgar proceeds to hug Petinato.
Edgar: "Hmmmhuu"
by Brian Neil Fraser May 10, 2006