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Rhyming slang, as in "Chester the Child Molester", a term for a pedophile. An older jail inmate's expression.
"That new prisoner is 'Chester the Child Molester.' "
by Brian Jones August 07, 2005
Piece of cloth or hankerchief used to collected ejaculated semen after male masterbation, usually left hidden under pillow or materess of teenage males. Used to prevent semen from spilling and staining the bed sheets - and supposedly to stop your mum from finding out how much you masterbate (but mums know what's going on - the smell is a giveaway!)
"Gees, I'd better wash my cummy - it's really starting to stink!"
by Brian Jones August 07, 2005
A School for children, like a Primary or Secondary school.
Mary sends her five kids to the local kiddie factory.
by Brian Jones August 07, 2005
A term to really annoy pseudo-christians in cahtrooms and forums etc. "Lorf" instead of "Lord". Drives 'em pshyco! Lorf is also the name of the god of typos.
"Come on, everybody, let's Praise the Lorf!"
by Brian Jones August 07, 2005
Moldova is a Republic in eastern Eurpoe, landlocked between Ukraine and Romainia. It's now one of the poorest countries in the former USSR. Moldova can be used to express rural poverty.
"That poor girl from outta town has nothing at all, it's like she's from Moldova."
by Brian Jones August 07, 2005
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