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In a video game the a big enemy at the end of the level. Defeated in the boss fight.
"Holy crap! The boss in the first level of Contra is totally weak!"
by Brian Johnson April 10, 2004
Arkansas was the 25th state admited into the Union. It is also the only place in the United States where you can find diamonds. Thus getting the diamond shape on our flag.

There are about 2 million people living in Arkansas, 1/4 of those live in the capital city, Little Rock. Little Rock metropolitan areas include:
Little Rock
North Little Rock
Maumelle(often considered part of North Little Rock)

There are many ethnic communities in Little Rock, for example, Marche(in north little rock) is home to many Polish people. And Little Italy is home to many Italian people.

Arkansas is a beatiful state with lots of parks and scenery. But it does have a downfall, the capital city runs rampant with gangs, drugs, murder and lots of other crime. It is said to be one of the most dangerous cities in the United States (with as much people as it has).

a few facts about Arkansas:

-It is the smallest state west of the Mississippi
-Arkansas is an Indian word for "downstreem people"
-Arkansas' state motto is the Latin word for "The people rule."
-is home of the Ozark forest and bears the name of the mighty Arkansas River, which starts in Colarado, and flows into the Mississippi.
-The biggest cities are:
-Little Rock (332,077)
-Fort Smith (80,268)
-Fayetville (58,047)
-Jonesburo (55,515)
-Pine Bluff (55,085)
-Conway (43,167)
Typical Person: "Don't go to Arkansas, they are rednecks! They fuck their sisters and fuck animals, AND THEY ALL LIVE ON FAMRS LOLOL"
by Brian Johnson March 25, 2005
A country that used to be good friends with america, they gave us troops in the revolution and the Statue of Liberty, we saved France and many of the Jews in france from the Germans in 1944, with the help of British, canadian, australian foces, not to mention French resistance forces

But now we hate eachother, don't know why....whatever happened to "friends help friends out" and when the other friend says no to something we start a propganda campaign, in return the other friends people have anti-american rallies.
by Brian Johnson August 30, 2003
At the end of a level in a video game you typically fight a much larger enemy with much more health, called a boss. Typically these bosses are defeated by figuring out their pattern of attack.

See Also: mini-boss
"The boss fights in Metroid Prime kick ass!"
by Brian Johnson April 10, 2004
Nintendo's new online service that launched at the same time as Mario Kart DS. The idea is great, Nintendo games online. The execution of friends is done worse in Mario Kart DS than it is in a third party game, Tony Hawk's American Sk8tland.

Proof that Nintendo means well but dropped the freaking ball:

To play someone specific online requires the exchange of friend codes. A process that can't be done in game. So if I play a stranger, have a good match, and want to add him to my friend list I can't.

Disconnecting results in no penalty to the disconnecting player.
guy over IM 1: Wanna play Mario Kart DS over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection?
guy over IM 2: Sure, my friend code is XXXXXX-XXXXXX
guy over IM 1: mine is YYYYYY-YYYYYYY
guy over IM 2: I'm searching
guy over IM 1: Searching
guy over IM 2: Did you lock me?
guy over IM 1: Yeah
*minutes later*
both guys over IM : YES
*race begins*
*guy two shuts his DS off before a close loss*
guy 1: WTF you quit
guy 2: I must've lost my wi-fi for a bit
by Brian Johnson November 19, 2005
What mom calls sandwiches.
We could bring some samiches.
by Brian Johnson February 08, 2005
1.) To enter military forces into another country with hostile intentions.
2.) to criticize strongly.
3.) to set upon with violent force.

No remorse, no repent
We don't care what it meant
Another day, another death
Another sorrow, another breath
No remorse, no repent
We don't care what it meant
Another day, another death
Another sorrow, another breath

by Brian Johnson November 02, 2003

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