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This pertains to when you bring a girl back to your house who has a decent body, but her face is nasty (a butterface). When she wants to have sex, you pull her shirt over her head like hockey players do when they get into fights and then bang the hell out of her. It'll be just like you were banging a hot chick!
Sara wanted to do it, but she wasn't hot at all so I screwed her hockey style.
by Brian He October 20, 2005
When a chick wants to go anal with you, instead of lube, use instant tanning lotion. It'll feel the same, but when you're done, she'll have a semi-permanant orange ring around her asshole, and she'll have no idea that it's there!
I knew she had cheated on me so before I dumped Angela, I gave her a golden starfish.
by Brian He October 20, 2005
A chick so nasty and disgusting that even beer goggles won't do her justice.

Even from a distance and completely trashed, I could tell that Sharon was a complete scrump.
by Brian He October 20, 2005
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