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The dirt and grease that gathers on old guitar strings because they aren't changed.
"Dude, you need to change those strings. They are covered in Gubmeat."
by Brian Cook March 27, 2005
Not so vulgar term for a Mother F***er. Usually used in an affectionate way.
"Where you been with my Sun Chips you crazy Mofrackey"
by Brian Cook March 27, 2005
Abbreviation for "Being that it is".
Bizits late, I better be heading home.
#because its #dudits #blitz #blitzen #blaze
by Brian Cook January 25, 2006
Term for when you have just knowingly done something stupid.
(To simulated a retarded person saying "Did it"
(dropped a beer, but you open it anyway and it sprays all over) "Uh-oh, I dudiths, I done dudiths."
#dunder #dummy #stupid #accident #moron
by Brian Cook January 25, 2006
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