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2 definitions by Brian Erik

get•rad get rad Pronunciation
–noun, plural -er
1. excessive indulgences in sensual and sexual pleasures, mass amount of alcohol and drug consumption; intemperance.
2. usually ending in arrest.
Dude, what are you up to tonight? I don't care man, let's just get rad.
by Brian Erik October 20, 2007
A drink made famous in Portland, Oregon by a Social Commentator named Sonny Disco.
2 oz Jim Beam® Bourbon
1 oz Water
1 splash of Diet Coca-Cola®
Stir ingredients together in a highball glass filled with ice cubes, and serve.
Hello barkeep, may I have a Jim Beam and Water with a splash of Diet?

Oh, you want a Sonny Disco. Great choice.
by Brian Erik October 20, 2007