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pronounced FUCKS-AT

1. An exclaimation meaning "What praytell is it that you are refering to?"

2. "what is that?" esp. unassessable gender

3. "what all this then?"
*Gutenburg shows someone his printing press for the first time*
Other guy: Fuxat?
Gutenburg: Printing press!

*someone sees a long haired feminine looking man*
Someone: Fuxat?
Someone Else: Looks like a guy
Someone: I think it's a chick!

*cop sees a bunch of kids smoking*
Cop: Fuxat?
Kids: Printing press?
by BrettShipes March 15, 2006

Causing ruin, injury, or pain in a delightful, lovable and charming way.
Someone: *poke*
Someone else: EEEEEEEEEEE!
Someone: Mwehehe! :)
Someone else: You're so adorably evil.
by BrettShipes January 04, 2006

1. The organic soial structure of peers in a classroom

2. A more abstract idea involving the combined ideas of each individual to create a universal thought shared by the "classworm"
In orchestra performances I NEVER feel nervous, like not at all. Or ensembels either for that matter for a large audience; but solo in front of a classworm? My playing goes to hell, haha.
by BrettShipes March 11, 2006

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