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1 definition by Brett3888

ASA girls are the classy ones you'll see walking around campus. These ladies are proud to wear their letters so that everyone knows they are an alpah girl. They throw the best parties and are the prettiest girls on campus. Find an Alpha lady and hang on to her guys, you'll never find another one like her in a trillion years.
If your dating an Alpha Sigma Alpha raise your glass, if not raise your standards.

Dee Zee girls are pretty
Tau girls are smart
but it takes an Alpah girl to win a fellas heart.
Gam girls are tan
Tri Delt girls got flow
but when you want the best looking girl.....
Alpha Sigma Alpha is where you go.
Kay Dee girls are wild
Sig Kap girls are fun
But Alpah girls are always #1.
Girls will be girls North, South, East or West
but Alpha Sigma Alpha girls rate the best.
To any man who reads this and truly wants to know,
If you have an Alpha Sigma Alpha girl, you should never let her go.

Only the best girls wear rubies and pearls.
by Brett3888 December 11, 2006
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