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2 definitions by Breowleh

coefficient representing the ratio of the number of times the word "banana" is spoken to distance traveled in a day, expressed in miles.
Proposed for physics and mathematics by Sean "Day9" Plott.
"There are many utterly useless coefficients in physics, like the "Banana Mileage Coefficient", which is useful for absolutely nothing, except wild rabbit trails.
by Breowleh February 04, 2013
an individual who intentionally sabotages the technology of others, whether by setting new passwords to other people devices and accounts, or by simply shutting the lid of a laptop during a critical backup.
Person 1-"Did you shut the lid of my laptop?!?! I was 90% done with my render!"
Techno-bitch-"Yes, because I am definitely the kind of person who intentionally destroys your hard work."
Person 1-"You unbridled Techno-bitch!"
by Breowleh February 09, 2013