14 definitions by Bree

Describes someone's tongue that is really long or penis-shaped.
That dude over there has a Donkton.

That guy's dog has a Donkton.
by Bree February 02, 2005
hysterical with laughter
When she tripped in front of the whole class, she had me bangin' up!
by Bree February 26, 2005
everything having to do with being fake;
presenting only an appearance without substance or significance
bree is so superficialic
by bree April 17, 2004
Real fresh or nice, (same as off da hook)
"Yo gurl yo new weave is phat."
"Homeboy fly and got a phat ride too!"
by Bree December 07, 2003
Commonly known as Bree.
One who is unbelievably awesome and cannot be compared to anyone else.
I cannot believe you just did that! You are so too cool for words!
by Bree April 06, 2004
something/someone that is really really flat
Damn look at that girl her ass is a pancake!@#$%
by BrEe November 27, 2003
Perfect Sperm
Rico wanted to put his Wow Wee Juice on my Chest.
by Bree May 22, 2003
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