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n. a mythical creature. typically of young age created by a mixture of dragon, rapidash (a firey horse pokemon), and it has wings. It first orginated by a boy named Zander. Usually means young and noob-like but will grow up and be powersome.
v. can be used in any place of something indescribable.
n. Ben: Whoa, Look at that farjarzling!
Mike: Yeah dude, he sucks at COD4 but when he grows up...

That fajarzling wife of mine, she sucks.
by Breathe Olivia December 24, 2008
Noun. For those of you who aren't particularly familiar with the word "capmicavesta", it's a person similar to one chosen to become immortal by a wizard or a vampire. The only difference is that a capmicavesta has been graced by BOTH powers, and is not only a wizard or a vampire but both at the same time hoarding wonderous powers and is a beacon for all truth in the fantasy world.
Edward Cullen and Harry Potter handed on their powers to two lucky human beings. Those two can now grace anyone else in the entire universe with this power, but only a select few.

Mike: Dude, that girl put a spell on me and then bit me!
Martho: Mike, I heard that girl was a freak, but maybe she's just a capmicavesta!
by Breathe Olivia December 25, 2008

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