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Chavender - the distinctive smell of broken dreams, anger, cigarettes, beer, and cheap perfume. Hippy chicks smell like patchouli and lady chavs smell like chavender.
I walked into the pub and a wall of chavender assaulted my nose. It was gonna be another one of those nights.
by BraveLuxan September 13, 2013
When a woman wears a bra thats too small her boobs will overflow the top of the bra. This boob overflow is know as a "budgie".
Carol: I hate this new bra it's too small and pinches me.

Lisa: Girl, suck it up, it gives you mad budgies.
by BraveLuxan September 21, 2013
Sas·ka·toon - describes the frigid, block heater required, cold demeanor of a woman who has little patience for your bullshit.
Chad: Man that new girl at the coffee shop is a real bitch.

Tim: Naaa man, she's just saskatoon.
by BraveLuxan September 12, 2013
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