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4 definitions by Brant

skin between you balls and your ass
by Brant February 23, 2003
use grunts with catapults in the back for mass PWNAGE. Mostly used against mass hunts.
Sweet gruntapult abuse you fucking n00b. You aint gotz no micro wanksta ass binatch! Anyone can do that shit
by brant September 24, 2003
The brown streaks left behind by young kids that don't wipe their ass cracks.

Often heard while talking to redneck assholes living in West Virginia.
My son shit and didn't wipe his butt so I had to use oxyclean to get out his racing strips.
by Brant September 27, 2004
Black kid,Oreo. Constantly Says "Dude!"
"Dude,Lets go Tech Decking,Bro!"
by Brant January 26, 2003