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(noun) A male version of the term "Cougar".
Club Ho 1- Hey that guy who's 57 just asked me out. I'm 23 and hot. He's such a MANther!

(giggle)(spills a bit of Red Bull+Vodka)

Club Ho 2- Tee hee hee! So like Blake said-

Bartender- Would you two bitches shut the hell up? It's not MANther, retard. That's a feline term. Guys are dogs, not cats. The actual term is "Guyena"
by BrandonChrist November 10, 2010
(noun) A solitary human male, former fraternity brother, who hasn't scored with a chick that evening and is getting increasingly agitated at the massive number of intelligent women that are passing him by, having been left behind since the rest of his pack have all taken chicks home already, and the hour growing closer and closer to last call.
Club Ho 1- Tee hee hee...that guy is hot...I think you two are cute together...and he has a TATTOO! How unique and not ordinary. (sends a text to nobody important)

Club Ho 2- (checking a text from nobody important) Yeeaahh...(hic)...and he told me my eyes are beautiful and that I am smart and (hic) funny...I think he's really special-

Bartender- Hey...drunk chicks...that guy will say anything and everything to get either or both of you in bed. He's a chachacabra. Stay away and let me call you a cab for Christ's Sake.
by BrandonChrist December 08, 2011
bro-locked broh-lokt

Adj - Shut in completely, or almost completely, by a pack of bros at a bar, saloon or tavern, or any other comparable location.
Bro 1-KIPNIS!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOO!! (slams uncontrollably into guy half of a couple sitting in quiet conversation with each other at the bar) CRUSHED it!!!! Zeigler...did you SEE THAT SHIT?!!?

Bro 2-WHOOOOOOOOO!!!! (chugging a "handcrafted" beer with the word "dog" in the title) (backs into female half of couple) Oh...shiiiiit...are you OKAY? Need some help?

Guy-No, we're fine than- (cut off by another player on TV hitting a home run)

Bro 8-(finishes swig of a beer with the word "dog" somewhere in the title) WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! WHOO!!!! YEAH...smacked that shit OUT!!!! Chisley...did you SEE that shit?? (unknowingly knocks over a bottle of beer on the bar, running it all over the bar in front of the couple)

(guy starts to wipe up mess, assisted by his female companion)

Bartender-(in a thankful and sympathetic tone) Thanks guys...but don't worry about it. I'll get it. Those people in the front just left that two-top...want to move over there, so you're not so brolocked?

by BrandonChrist July 21, 2013


Completed work, albeit completed poorly due to nonchalance, intentional lack of attention to detail, or by person just not giving a sh!t.

Occasionally, slacktivity can lead to being relieved of a duty that said person might not want to be doing anyway, when used strategically.
Coworker A: Look at all these glasses in the cabinet! They aren't in the proper lines, so they don't all fit. Plus, some of them are facing up, and not facing down as everyone should always have them placed.

Coworker B: Yep. It's Jeff's week on kitchen duty. He is a master of slacktivity.

Coworker A: FORGET IT. I'll just do the kitchen stuff on his weeks.
by BrandonChrist March 14, 2014
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