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Outlandish to the point of being difficult to believe; see preposterous and absurd.
"You say your babysitter ate Homestar Runner? That's ripenisulous."
by Brandon Hendrickson March 09, 2003
What would Dumbledore do?
Wizard #1: Ah! An evil sorceror is attacking our village!
Wizard #2: Oh no! W.W.D.D.?
Wizard #1: WTF?
by brandon hendrickson September 30, 2005
The state of having multiple future roommates cancel their plans for living with you at the worst possible moment.
"Yo, I heard that Amber's been recently deroomated, yo."
by brandon hendrickson August 07, 2003
a slouching, angry shuffle one does when faced with totally absurd and totally deabilitating computer problems, e.g. e-mails being sent to Hell instead of your friend, and printers inking up whole pages with random symbols instead of an essay. Often done with one's head down, eyes squinted, fists clenched and teeth bared, all the while muttering vauge obsenities involving Bill Gates and an ice pick.
"Whoa, do you see Kenny over there? I think he just gave that co-ed a scare."

"Well, you know how he is when he laufs."
by brandon hendrickson December 01, 2003
To suddenly and unexpectedly act in a viscious manner; esp. in regards to a woman.

Historical Usage: from a comment made concerning a Detroit woman who sued a charity because its name infringed on her charity's name.
"Yeah, I would have said she was a nice person... if she hadn't psychobitched out at the party last night!"
by Brandon Hendrickson March 14, 2003
Having many short, tuneful components, such as might be found in a ditty.
sung "These are the Daves I know, I know / These are the Daves I know."
"I like that. Very dittiful."
by Brandon Hendrickson September 12, 2003
It has to do with food and Wisconsin, but it is not food, nor is it Wisconsin.
"I heard that Amber's gotten all y'all a SUPER present!"
"What is it, some kind of Disco Cow?"
by brandon hendrickson August 07, 2003
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