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A word usually used when high on crack or acting like high on crack.
PLAHOO!!!!! *passes out*
by Brandon December 06, 2004
Every swear that's ever been said before

but parents don't understand

use it in everyday conversations
From the Mother:

Honey clean your room

From the Kid:

by Brandon September 25, 2004
A boy that is Mexican and is very strong and good looking. Also a trum used to describe sexual pleasure
Damn Pablo you are on fly Mighty Mex.
Jill I will give you some Mighty Mex
by Brandon February 09, 2004
drunkn exclamation one may shout to friends.
brandon raised his beer and shouted "WHAT UP DEH", and all his drunkn friends replied the same.
by brandon November 19, 2003
Maverick spelt wrong, cuz some people are english illiterate. And Maverick does NOT mean homosexual. The real meaning of Maverick is: One that refuses to abide by the dictates of or resists adherence to a group. In other words, somone who doesn't go witht the flow, or 'conform' with everyone else.
Maverick does not me homo, moron.
by Brandon November 13, 2003
stupid mexican
freakin' gnipinos come here and take all the jobs
by Brandon September 20, 2003
Being paranoid when your all messed up.
Just chill man, don't be thwangin.
by Brandon September 16, 2003
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