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(Canis Penes)--A decedent of the wolf genus, the Dick-Wolf is slightly larger in size than it's Northern American kin. Although armed with razor sharp teeth and claws, the Dick-Wolf is feared for it's massive elephant trunk like sch-long. The Dick-Wolf has a very muscular build from his very late night rumpus, and bears a predominately white coat with subtle hints of brown undercoat and obvious blood stained genital fur. What sets the Dick-Wolf apart from any other predator is his ability to not only grow his self esteem with each attack, but also his sch-long. Dick-Wolf's also are widely feared for their trip-wire low standards and will attack anything that walks, crawls, swims, slithers (anything with a heart beat and some random cases some without). The Dick-Wolf attacks it victims using stealthy maneuvers and creeps up from behind. It first subdues its victim and immediately begins viciously attacking from the backside. Leaving the victim incapacitated and helpless and in an immense amount of pain in the anal region. What set's the Dick-Wolf apart from any other mammal is that the Dick-Wolf does not feast off its victims it merely survives on pure sexual ecstasy and heavy metal. Know the Dick-Wolf, Fear the Dick-Wolf, and by all means pray to the metal gods that your not the next victim!
I was walkin' home from the store the other night and got anal assassinated by a fucking 'Dick-Wolf'!

Drivin home from work last night, fuckin 'Dick-Wolf' jumped out in front of me and tore the shit out of my car!

Me and my girls (fatties!) were leavin the bar and the god damn Dick-Wolf bumb-rushed us leaving our asses tore up!
by Brandomer March 29, 2011
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