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It's a really annoying song. The chorus sounds something like this. "Ees-eye-wakitow, Wes-eye-wakitow, Sows-eye-wakitow." And to go along with this song, is a pretty ridiculous dance. It looks like a bow-legged cowboy (who's been ridin' too long) is tryin to grind his boots into the ground! But the thing is, to do the dance right, you have to fling your arms around like a chimp! Stupid come to mind?
Gansta- "I gots ta wakitow ta 'walk it out' at da cluuhb dis weeken mane! Mayybe al da gurrrls ill luv me den mane!! Besiiiighs...dats my favrit song mane!"

Whitey- "That man is so crazy! But i wish i was gangster enough to walk it out..."

Me- "Poor, poor stupid white kid..."
by BrainDamageBeauty August 15, 2007
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