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The totally uncool fashion trend amongst emo kids. Consists of jeans that are waaayyyyy too tight. Often showcasing ones coin purse in the process of being "Cool".
Dude, the emo kids are hanging out down at Hot Topic perusing through the latest manorexic jeans shipment.
by Brain the Great February 26, 2009
Chinese Safety Goggles. When you dont have any safety goggles on hand and need to protect your eyes, you simply squint. Looking like a china-man and protecting your peepers.
John: "Hey Brian arent you going to use some safety goggles when you are tearing apart that tile floor?"

Brian: "Naw bra I dont need them. I have my Chinese Safety Goggles on. I never leave home without these baddies."
by Brain the Great January 28, 2010
When a gorgeous woman walks into a room on a movie and the play it in slow motion.
Josh- "Man I was watching a movie last night and it had so much ho-motion in it. I would have boned them chicks anyday."

Dave- "Nice, I love ho-motion scenes. Especially Baywatch when the boobies are bouncing up and down."
by Brain the Great February 19, 2010
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