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4 definitions by Bradley Pitticus

Flid Corner is a meeting place in Trafalgar Square. London.
So called because a statue of a physically malformed woman
was placed on a plinth in Trafalgar Square.
See the term "Flid" also in urban dictionary.
Bruv 1: "Bruv, I has bin phonin you fer ages innit! You has
supposed to be her now so where is you bruv"?

bruv 2: "I'm at Flid Corner wi some of da crew tho like you
said bruv. AHHHH ! I can see you bruv look down
by the pond innit and stop lookin at the fliddies
by Bradley Pitticus April 22, 2006
7 2
A meal made famous by Tom Cruise, who recently
proclaimed to an amazed media that after his wife
had given birth to their first child they intended to eat
the placenta.

Placenta also known as "afterbirth"
Tom: "honey, do we really have to eat this placenta raw"?

Katie: "I guess so, unless we get a chef to rustle up
some kinda pepper sauce, or hey, wattabout a
salad bed with fries and placenta l'orange"?

Tom "or, or , or wait.... how about puree' placenta"?
by Bradley Pitticus April 21, 2006
76 74
Cockney Rhyming Slang for "shit"
explanation: In London, England the londoners use rhyming slang such as "Apples n Pears" = stairs, plates = feet (plates of meat).

some would dispute the term is legitimate but cockneys also use the term "tom tit" and "william pitt" to mean "shit"
It is largely a matter of preference.
wife: "ello darlin hows your day at the office been"?

Husband: "Not bad luv, but Ill tell yer about it in a minute
as I'm burstin fer a Brad Pitt"
by Bradley Pitticus April 21, 2006
125 135
Flid is an insult which means "cripple" or physically challenged.The etymology of the word emanates from the term Thalydamide which was a drug used in the 1960's by pregnant women. Later it was discovered that the drug had severe consequences for the child in as much that the arms and legs (especially, but not restricted to) were very deformed.
artist: This is meant to represent... blah ... blah ..blah
three months later
member of public: "That aint no ordinary flid bruv, I reckon right, that is a piktchar devoted to some one in the royal family that we aint heard of cuz they aint too happy about them being fliddy- you know what i is sayin bruv. That is probably like Harry's bruvver who we dont see on telly innit. It has to be cuz they dont make statues of ordinary flids do they"

by Bradley Pitticus April 21, 2006
74 91