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The word "douche bag" originated in Birmingham, Alabama in 2004. The individual in which this phrase refers to is a sexist pig who likes triple anal sex with African Americans, yet claims that it's really his wife who likes triple anal sex (but we know the truth). He thinks that he's cool because he hangs out in the music scene, yet the only reason why those people "like him" is because his wife sleeps with them. The reason why he is a douche bag is because after his multiple triple anal adventures is the only way that he can feel clean. You may run into him at the local Wal-Mart in the hygene section buying his monthly supply of douche bags.

For more information, please see triple anal or chode.
Mike is a complete douche bag.
by Brad Reed March 16, 2007
The term "Triple Anal" was originated in Birmingham, AL. When a sorry ass excuse of a guy that does web sites for t-shirts and beer swears that he caught his ex-wife in bed with 3 well-endowed african-american men. Yet after further research, it was discovered that in fact, HE was the one taking on the 3 african-american men and his wife discovered him in the comprising position. From that point on, it is permissible to insult somebody by saying that they enjoy "Triple Anal". Please refer to douche bag for more info.
Mike rather enjoys the partaking of the Triple Anal.
by Brad Reed March 16, 2007
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