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a term used to describe a woman with profuse untrimmed pubic hair
Did you get in that chick's pants last night?

Yeah, but it wasn't pretty down there... no joke, man, I'm talkin' wall to wall carpet.
by Brad Broach March 08, 2008
a slang term for a false start penalty in football derived from the high frequency of false start penalties called against Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Flozell Adams
Uh oh, looks like theres a flag on the play... yep, there was some movement on the offensive line prior to the snap... it's gonna be a flozell on number 72 of the Miami Dolphins
by Brad Broach March 08, 2008
a word to describe a woman's out-of-control pubic hair
Dude, I heard your girlfriend's bush could use a good weedwhackin'. Wasn't she the girl in that really bad Elvis movie, "Hairum Scarum"?
by Brad Broach March 08, 2008
a woman who needs to trim her pubic hair in a bad way
I went down on this chick last night. She was a real "Mata Hairy". I've been picking pubic hairs out of my teeth all day long!
by Brad Broach March 08, 2008

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