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1. A Catholic all-girls school in Seattle, Washington. One of the most prestigious and academically rounded schools in the Northwest. The stereo type is that we're all a whole bunch of nerdy lezbos that are afraid of dudes.
2. The truth is, we're all a bunch of sexually deprived boy-crazy bitches who will do ANYTHING with ANYONE. Although there are some of us who resent both of these stereotypes don't fit in to either categories and are actually normal.
1. Look at that dude reading Hamlet in the corner. OH WAIT, that's a chick. She must be from Holy Names Academy.

2. Dude, I totally banged Samantha last night. I was kinda off my game at first, but then I realized it didn't matter because she was from Holy Names, and she'd do anything with me no matter how off I was.
by BraceFace99 January 08, 2009

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