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An acronym for "After Lunch Syndrome", commonly occuring in teenage girls after digesting their midday meal. During ALS the female specimen exeriencing this will become mindless, berserk, delirious, and fruity. This peculiar syndrome only occurs within females because of the breast hormones raging inside of the said female's chest, yearning to be sated by male interaction. This condition has yet to occur within the male gender, but studies have shown that an obese homosexual male with above average sized breasts, or man boobs, may develop these breast hormones over time and become subject to ALS. On rare occasions the female specimen may also become extremely horny, lunging for any male within her radar. If this should occur, it is strongly advised that all males should be removed from the vicinity, otherwise there is a high chance the female will attempt to straddle any male she may get near.
Emily: Rawr! I want sex! Come over here Sung! Time to make me a portuguese breakfast!

Andrew: Woah woah Emily, you alright?

Andrew(to Jesse): I think she's experiencing ALS.

Jesse(to Andrew): Yeah, we better skidadle on outa here.
by BrB Bowflexin Son July 08, 2009

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