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An alcoholic drink with copious amounts of energy drink and other ingredients. Rage is only Rage if it is stored in an empty milk jug and if one can feel the Rage in their veins.

"Hey you hepcats! Drink the new swinging beverage, Rage! It will put you in a wide awake nightmare!"
The Original Rage Recipe

5 shots of Tequila

3 shots of Vodka

2 Five Hour Energy Drinks

1 Amp energy drink

Splash of Mountain Dew

Splash of Orange Juice

Splash of Margarita Mix (unfrozen)

Lemon Juice to taste

Mix in empty milk jug. Let refine for 2 to 3 days. Drink. Tear flesh from bones.
by Bozo Hardon June 07, 2011
A phrase to chant when you could get a lot drunker
Punk A: "Man did you see that guy by the keg? He's so gone"

Drunk: "Not that drunk! Not that drunk!"

Punk B: "Nah man he's fine, didn't you hear him?"
by Bozo Hardon August 14, 2011

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