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Not much is known about it's origin at this time, but the Ion Cannon (AKA Godsend) is a destructive, electricity-based weapon fired from satellites orbiting the Earth. It can be activated by either direct control from an advanced Communications center, or it can be controlled by a commando on the ground, using what is known as an 'Ion Cannon Beacon', which is a small piece of high-tech machinery that sends out a signal to the satellite once it has been placed and activated, essentially acting like the laser sight on a rifle. It is not advised to stick around once an ion cannon beacon has been placed, unless you are a NOD engineer, at which point you simply dis-arm the blasted thing.

Similar to the NOD Nuclear Missile
Now, all we need to destroy the NOD base is 5 Mammoth tanks and...aw screw it, who's got the Ion Cannon Beacon?
by Boxymoron February 09, 2005
A state of mind that causes one's view of themselves and/or their surroundings to be degrading towards themselves. might be caused by a chemical imballance in the brain, but not always. Almost every person goes through a depressed state, but those who reside in depression more often than not must seek medical attention and counseling. If one person is depressed, it is advised to help them in any way you can. It will be greatly appreciated by the person, as it will give them a reason to go on, and it will give them a person to fall back on when they become depressed once again
Person1: Please....help me.....
Person2: *hugs and comforts person1*
by Boxymoron February 15, 2005
1) To take off, or 'pop', the top on a can or glass/plastic bottle.

2) To shoot ('pop') a bullet ('cap') at someone/something

3) A multi-player scenario on Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64 in which one player, called the 'victim' and denoted by being neon-green in color, was hunted down and killed by the other players by either conventional means (face-to-face shooting, fist fight, knifing, etc.), unconventional means (remote mine, proximity mine, timed mine, etc.), means of stealth (cloaking device, shooting in the back of the head dishonorable, etc.), or by utterly cheap means (using the maian 'farsight', wire-guided 'skedar' rocket launcher, poison-dipped throwing knives, etc.). Points were earned by either killing the 'victim', which earned you 3 points and the chance at being the 'victim', or by being the 'victim' and alive for an un-godly amount of time (around 15 seconds), which earned you 1 point. Using teams in this scenario makes it more enjoyable, especially with large groups of human/A.I. players, whereas the team that had a 'victim' member was tasked with defending him or her, while the other team(s) were tasked with killing the 'victim'. Has yet to be cloned/copied into any current game with the exception of games that allow players to add their own multi-player scenarios into the mix (Halo, Halo II, etc.). However, these can not usually compare to the original due to un-available customization options present in the scenario on Perfect Dark.

It is also noted that, unusually, there has been no sequel to Perfect Dark like once promised. The shares of Rare(c) held by Nintendo(c) were, sadly, sold sometime after Perfect Dark was made, forcing Nintendo to look elsewhere for creating its FPS titles.
1) Bottoms up!!!

2) <jive> Don't make me pop a cap into yo ass, foo! </jive>

3) Damnit!!! >.< They found my hiding spot!!! Now I have to pop the new cap!!!
by Boxymoron February 12, 2005
Not much is known of the origin of the Nuclear Missile, but it is an immensely-powerful weapon, fired ONCE from the Temple of NOD, that is capable of destroying most of your base in a heart-beat. Like the GDI Ion Cannon, the Nuclear Missile can be guided home with a Nuclear Missile Beacon. Once placed, it is not advised to stick around, unless you are a GDI engineer and have nerves of steel, at which point you just walk up and dis-arm the blasted thing.

Similar in function to the GDI Ion Cannon
Remember children, don't play with Nuclear Missile Beacons!
by Boxymoron February 09, 2005
The act of, either voluntarily or involuntarily, ceasing one's life by being hit with either the front or the rear of a moving vehicle, most commonly a Jeep, but occasionally a military tank, APC, or, in rare cases, a transport helicopter. Most commonly heard of in 'First Person Shooter' games like "Call of Duty" and "Command & Conquer: Renegade", but it has been known for this to happen in "Real-Life". But in "Video Games", Windshield-Smearing is sually followed by loud, side-splitting laughter from the 'Smear-er', and loud, audible curses from the 'Smear-ee', both of which will be typed out and posted "in-Game" after a period of about 30 seconds.
Oh my GOD!!! I just smeared a WIndshield!!!
by Boxymoron February 09, 2005
2) The act of ceasing ones life, either voluntarily or in-voluntarily, by having a rocket launched at either them and/or their vehicle. Holds greater meaning when the target was moving at the speed of, or greater than, a sprint, and/or if the rocket launcher must be reloaded after a single round has been fired.
I can't believe I sucked on a rocket!!! I should have looked behind me!!!
by Boxymoron February 09, 2005
Part of a phrase usually used after one has a killing streak of 3+ with a rocket launcher of some sort. More power to the person if the rocket launcher requires reloading after one round has been fired and/or the targets were moving at a speed greater than that of a sprint.
I have one rocket left. Who wants to suck-a-rocket?
by Boxymoron February 09, 2005

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