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Nickname: Stab City, given to it by Dubliners.

County in Ireland. Has an extremely bad reputation because of crime rates. You'd have to be 8 ft tall and 22stone armed with knives and guns to walk around the Southill area after 9.00pm.
Don't leave your car outside your back at ANY hour in the Southill area, as it will surely be stolen.

But is Limerick the worst place to live in Ireland? I DON'T think so.

Why? Because, besides the MANY, many SCUM that live there it's also filled with friendly, up for a laugh people, who could drink you under the table and bring you to the best house party ever. End of!

Limerick: The only place I've ever had a love/hate relationship with.
by BoxerKane September 25, 2005

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