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1. A phrase now used to denote a males desire to mate with a previously identified female,Usually with handcuffs.

2. A sexual act in which two willing partners go into a shower and the submissive partner gets handcuffed to the faucet.Then said submissive partner recieves oral sex to great celebration.

1. Ted: "Damn did you just see that girl?"

Dave: "Hell yeah I'd play good cop bad cop with her"

2. Ted: "Hey man how'd it go with that chick from the club??"

Dave: "Not bad man. Played a little good cop bad cop."

Ted: "Word?" high five
by BoxCar Racer April 05, 2009

1. A term used by males to indicate another male may be homosexual.

2. A song by Sir Elton John. While being a great song it is important to note that Elton John himself is a tiny dancer.
1.(Two friends are talking) (A guy walks by. Friend B checks the guy out)

Friend A: What are you? Some kind of tiny dancer?

Friend B: Uhhh.. Maybe?

2. "Hooollldd me Clooossser Tiny Dancer"
Also can be song as "Hooollldd me Clooossser Tony Danza"
by BoxCar Racer April 05, 2009

1. A person who is the target of a groups jokes, usually by his friends.
"When everybody started making fun of him Joe felt like a pivot"
by BoxCar Racer April 05, 2009
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