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1 definition by Boulderwrong

One who:
1. Trains for a marathon before work.
2. Spends more than 10 hours a week in spandex.
3. Eats out at fine establishments, wearing a fleece vest and expensive outdoor shoes.
4. Carries plastic bags for picking up dog poop.
5. Drinks 2oz. of espresso for breakfast, 2 oz. wheatgrass for lunch, and 24 oz. Microbrew with dinner.
6. Drives a Subaru Outback with some clever form of an anti-Bush bumper sticker.
7. Buys groceries on a commuter bike, or cross country skis.
8. Owns Bikerack and Bike that costs more than the price of Subaru.
9. Lives within walking distance of a yoga studio.
10. Wonders how CO can still be a Red State?!
Spandex on by 6am, Cycling through Martian acres, mildly hung- over, and completely stoned the Boulderite rode to Whole Foods for a powerbar and a Mate Latte with soy.
by Boulderwrong April 27, 2008