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2 definitions by Botzu

homeless asian who feeds off dead skin cells of children. He is difficult to find because of his constant camoflague as either a
1. transvestite
2. hormonal woman
3. beached whale
He has been spotted in various parts of the world and is reportedly related to bigfoot, la chupicabra and various spineless fish. The existance of "Metty" is inevitably unknown for anyone who comes into contact with this creature has his pants exploded.
My friend saw a "Metty" last friday and his pants immediately exploded.
by Botzu December 14, 2004
A term used by Rodeo clowns to identify oversized vibrators used to arrouse bulls before cowboys ride them. occasionally used to denote somebodys obvious homosexuality or ambiguity toward animals.
1. Hey, that bull over their looks pretty lame today. Might wanna try sticking a Domaroniakus up its bum.
2. That Man-child over their must be a Domaroniakus because he sex's Donkeys.
by Botzu December 14, 2004