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The "Alpha Douche" is one of a particular group, usually consisting of those lacking in women skills, social structure, or ambition, who succeeds the normal levels of douchedom. This person is usually a constant outcast, or fluxuates by methods of variability between friendship and bonds between the other members of the structure.
God dangit man, that Jordan dude. I mean, I've known some douches, but GOD DANG, he is a DOUCHE!!!!!1111wtf?
by Botcherotchi April 25, 2005
The individual who has been labeled as the, Constawannadosomething-ee, is one who longs and desires social contact and acceptment so much that they are not only open, but eager to any situation that would promote such. Some more severe cases include those who consistently voice scenarios in which social grouping will take place, and they can feel the "togetherness" and quench the "social anxiety" that plagues him / her
Jordan, God man, he calls me all the time. And whenever I call him, he so always wants to do something. Dang man, he's a constawannadosomething douche.
by Botcherotchi April 25, 2005
This is a gourmet selection from Wendy's, similar to a chocolate milkshake, a frosty is a landmark in a fatty's diet. It not only calms the fatass, but also gives him a sensation of joy that he will never get from anything but food itself, (i.e., a woman will never give him this exhiliration). A "Tall" Frosty however is a frosty that is relatively taller than a regular frosty, but subsequently, doesn't exist.
Frank (Primary Fatass): Hey guys, let's go get a Tall Frosty.
Jordan (AlphaDouche): W..t..f...
Brandon (Wal-Mart Employee): That's hilarious.
Pat (SuperDouche): I hate Jordan.
by Botcherotchi April 25, 2005

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