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also known as Manorhood, M-ville, and The Ville. Obviously the most Wanksta names given by 99% of Manorvilles white population. Most teens think theyre gangsta and talk like theyre from Harlem. Known for its vastly growing amount of Heroine users. Surrounded by trees and farms, and everyones favorite, the "tree farm" where most teens go to on a friday or saturday night in the woods to drink n smoke when theres no other parties going on. You'll always see someone you know at the Famous King Kullen! or someone shoving a big mac down their throat at McDonalds. Manorvilles also known for its people who talk out of their ass and threaten to fight but really dont. Most people are stuck up, fake, overweight, or drug addicts. Never raise your kids there unless you have enough money to send them to rehab.
Girl: Hey, Did you hear about that crazy party thats supposed to be going on tonight in Manorville?

Guy: Oh! you mean the Tree Farm?

Girl: Uhmmmm..... Tree Farm?....

Guy: Yes, Where everyone goes to drink and smoke trees of course, only the most gangster people show up!

Girl: Lameeeeeeee.
by BornAndRaiseddddd May 06, 2009

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