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Referring to US Marine Corps Infantry personnel. GRUNTS are anyone with the MOS beginning with 03 as in 0311 (Riflemen). The term originating during World War II to abbreviate the term "Ground Reinforcements Untrained," referring to tons of troops being sent to combat with little training. The term has taken on a more affectionate meaning for our killers in the Marine Corps Infantry today.

The term GRUNT also refers to those doing their time commitments and getting out during the Vietnam War; as opposed to Lifers who were career Marines.

The term POG is the opposite meaning "Personnel Other than Grunt"
Army dude: Man you GRUNTS are tough!

Marine GRUNT: Stay out of our way before you catch one between the eyes ya damn Hoo-Ah

If John Wayne was a Marine he'd be a fuckin' GRUNT.

POG: Damn I have so much paper work to do

GRUNT: Stop bitchin' you fuckin' POG
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by Born2Kill_USMCdotMIL December 16, 2009
Ain't Ready to be a Marine Yet

A branch filled with those who couldn't cut it in the Marine Corps but still wanted to rock their digital camouflage in shopping malls, stores, and just about anywhere they feel like wearing them, because they are comfy and they look sloppy. Although the animosity between branches is all in good fun and despite all the jokes and bickers there is in fact lots of mutual respect between branches because we both fight for the world's finest military. Kill.
Marine: Hey man are you gonna change outta your uniform before you go out tonight?

Soldier: Nah man I'm trying to score free drinks and people will think I'm cool if I wear it with my beret even if I'm not a Ranger

Marine: Dude why are you always walking and talking on your cell in uniform, putting your hands in your pockets and being all around unprofessional?

Soldier: Cuz I'm a Hoo-Ah and I don't give a fuck

Marine: Hey man remember that time the Marine Corps was about 1/3 the size of the Army but they somehow manage to complete missions quickly, effectively, and without sufficient funding or equipment?

Soldier: Yea that pretty much an ongoing theme, we strive to be mediocre
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by Born2Kill_USMCdotmil December 16, 2009
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