2 definitions by Boring Aaron

A reach-around. Then it rains on you.
The weatherman said "Tonight it will reach around 50 degrees, followed by showers"...
by Boring Aaron October 31, 2009
A word that Israeli tourists use in America because they think it means something, they're not sure what it means, but think it makes them sound cool.
"I saw this guy I was dating awhile ago at a mutual friend’s b-day party. Later some of us were all gonna go to a bar together, but first I had to go drop some friends off who weren’t coming & I asked the b-day boy to come w/ me. So the guy I had been seeing saw that & then the next day writes me an email "Sprack John?" (the b-day boy). So I had to look it up on urban dictionary, lol, and now I’m confused what the hell he’s asking me!!!"
by Boring Aaron May 16, 2008

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