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2 definitions by BoredatCal

A system toted by liberals who believe that collectivization and the equalization of all income and the destruction of capitalism and subsequently the United States and much of the Western World (European Union) will result in the end of racism, greed, suffering, poverty, and any other issue we have today.
You can shut the hell up. I'm gonna protect the country you, Socialist Twit.
Socialism does not and will never work.
by BoredatCal April 26, 2003
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Someone who works for a living. Not as evil and horrible as a lot of people (democrats) think. Want to see equality for people earned through the meritocracy and believe everyone has the right to make as much money as they want, as well as live their lives freely without much in the way of civil rights infringement. There are many varieties of Republican, but we all have one collected vision: A world where people will actually work for a living.
Republicans will make America great once again.
by BoredAtCal May 06, 2003
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