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4 definitions by Boozy400

To not be punk at all.
"This band sucks, they're so blink 182!"
by Boozy400 August 28, 2006
429 295
An Asian man dressed in a santa suit.
That's not the real santa, it's just a slanta.
by Boozy400 August 29, 2006
25 4
Type of motorcycle riding, consisting of doing huge jumps. Originaly performed by guys who gave up on the supercross circuit, because they weren't fast enough to make money at it. Doing these jumps requires huge balls, and far less skill than being a competitive racer. While performing these jumps riders will do little tricks with thier bodies to impress the audience, who is usually made up of bandana-wearing Wall-Mart customers. Competitions are held with explosions, and fire to keep the attention of the simple minded audience...much like wrestling, but it is real. 909er's love this sport almost as much as meth!
"Dude, will your truck have that sick lift on it by next week, so we can take it to the FMX show? I hope Deegan still has spikes on his chest protector...I'm gunna wear all of my black clothes!"
by Boozy400 August 28, 2006
9 17
One of those stupid wings, usually seen mounted to the trunk of a Honda, with some fool inside who doesn't realize that the wing does nothing below approx. 100 mph. This is quite ironic, because these cars are usually unable to reach these kind of speeds anyways.
"Holy shit, look at the size of that snack bar on that Civic!"
by Boozy400 August 28, 2006
9 29