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5 definitions by Boozy Springer

Nickname given to someone who is drunk or is an alcoholic.
"Hey Boozy I think you've had enough beers for one night."
by Boozy Springer November 22, 2006
When a group of government agents (i.e. FBI, DEA, ATF, etc.) are enacting a search warrant on a premises. So named because of the large amount of agents that wear trenchcoats as part of their attire. Term used more often in colder regions of the country. Can also apply to municipal law enforcement detectives as well.
"Did you see the trenchcoat convention at the meth lab down the street? Looks like they finally busted those guys."
by Boozy Springer November 05, 2006
A mixed drink which consists of dropping a shot of tequila into a glass of Pepto-Bismol. Typically consumed the morning after to help treat hangovers.
Manny: "Hey Vince, you hit it pretty hard last night. Do you want a Pepto Bomber?"

Vince: "Yeah, better make it two."
by Boozy Springer April 15, 2008
A courtesy notification given to the person on the other end of a telephone conversation alerting them to the fact that they are on speakerphone. This is done to prevent unintentionally offending someone within earshot of the speaker. Speakerphone warnings are especially tactful if someone that applies to one or more following traits may overhear the conversation: a minority, obese, a woman, management, your wife, an overly religious person, or a cop.
Bella: "Hello?"

Antonio: "Hey it's Tony, you're on speakerphone just so you know. My boss, Ernie, is in the office with me."

Bella: "Thanks for the speakerphone warning. Hi Ernie!"
by Boozy Springer March 16, 2013
Any beer consumed while in a state of exhaustion or fatigue.
Milo: How much is left in the U-Haul? I'm tired as hell.

Brady: We just need to move one more couch into the living room and then I'll have Rhonda get us some energy beers.
by Boozy Springer May 02, 2008